Venice Jesus. Transitions #LA. Dean Hutton/The Stand

Transitions: In Search of an Authentic Queer

Dean Hutton

LA, USA. May 2012

This work forms part of the larger body of work entitled “Transitions: In Search of an Authentic Queer,” an international project locating gender and queerness in the city, through different cities I have lived and worked in the past four years – Johannesburg, New York, Los Angeles, Paris and Cape Town.

Engaging with other queer artists, we collaboratively document their/our lives, giving voice to the narratives around their identities and personas. This facilitates a shift in the work from documentary to performance and blurs the line between the two, moving from a visual representation of the Other into a visual representation of the ‘we.’

The process is thus completely collaborative and experiential, as I am clearly also documenting and acting out my self, using the process to reveal narratives of observation, interest and intimate participation and experience in a moving world.