Najdan Circles

The Magic Circles of Najdan

Nemanja Pancic

Mala Krsna, Serbia. 2010/2013

In unfortunate times, when people find themselves in a hopeless situation, they try to find a solution through any means possible, even the fantastical. In a period of social turmoil, the Najdan Circles are seen by many in Serbia as a salve for their woes.

Najdan Rakic told followers that he had discovered an energy field with healing power in the Serbian village of Mala Krsna. He marked this field with two circles, which soon became a site of pilgrimage for very ill people as well as those looking for esoteric power.

Believers stay in one of the magic circles for fifteen to twenty minutes a day. Many claim the energy fields have helped them, curing otherwise incurable illnesses. People have to believe in something, sometimes reinventing themselves in such a process.

Najdan circles are an example of superstition, auto-suggestion and manipulation in a country beset by social, political and economic troubles.