Lesotho’s Ongoing AIDS Challenge

Greg Marinovich

Lesotho. February 2011

In Lesotho, an impoverished landlocked kingdom nestled high in the mountains, the prevalence of HIV/AIDS is among the highest in the world. Remote and lacking in infrastructure, many of its residents find themselves traveling hours on foot to the nearest clinics for treatment.

In the years since these images were made, little has improved. According to the most recent data available from UNAIDS, of the country’s 2 million people in 2013, 360,000 were living with HIV. There were 150,000 AIDS orphans under the age of 17 in Lesotho – 7.5 percent of the country’s population. If that were the rate in the U.S. it would equate to nearly 24 million AIDS orphans.

The story of Mojalefa, one of those AIDS orphans, is told here.