The Frecce Tricolori

Alessandro Barteletti

Italy. 2008 – 2009

The Frecce Tricolori, based in Rivolto, Italy is one of the best air squads in the world. The tradition of team acrobatics started in Italy in the 1920s, with the “Crazy Squad.”

The Frecce Tricolori team, founded in 1961, is the heir to that tradition. Pilots join the team for five-year commitments, during which his role switches from “left/right wing” to “slot,” then to “leader,” and to “solo pilot”. Once one attains the role of team leader, “Pony 1,” he can become the Captain. Then, taking the name “Pony 0,” he will oversee any acrobatic moves and figures from the ground, communicating with pilots via radio, the corrections required to always have a perfect ‘tricolour’ in the sky.