Photographer on the Run

Massimo Barberio

Italy. Ongoing.

“Silence is a family trait.

Some ancestor of ours must have been a solitary man –

a great man surrounded by halfwits, or a poor, crazy fool –

to teach his descendants such silence.”

Cesare Pavese, South Seas

– we go wandering at night and are consumed by fire –

I went to the woods because I wished to escape the threats and the problems related to my latest investigative reportage. It was my sanatorium, my Walden.

I found myself completely comfortable in this new dimension, starting a sort of analysis through the acquisition of new practical skills. What’s more, I decided to relocate to my mother’s hometown, a very small and rural village in the south of Italy that I hadn’t visited in the 8 years since her death.

So, my beard kept growing, checked patterns appeared on my shirts, I learned how to make oil and how to hack up a tree, I stopped eating meat and started a dog rescue mission.

All this “manual-guide-rehab-steps” stuff.

In these pictures are old friends, family, roads, and what remain today.

I’ve stopped wandering at night, consumed by fire.