Left Behind

Tiberio Ventura

Molinella, Italy. April 2013

Italy was among the countries hardest hit by the economic crisis that hit Europe in 2008. Many factories were abandoned by the owners due to lack of work and economic resources, so I decided to focus my attention on these symbols of the crisis. Large industrial complexes, now abandoned, had been a source of income. Now they have been completely forgotten by the people and left behind.

Yet it is still possible to spot, inside the buildings, the traces of life left by man: Documents, employee photographs hung on the walls, and leftover raw materials.

In order to visually describe the fact that people had abandoned the places that before had been their sources of income, that the buildings themselves have preserved the traces of the man, I scanned the photographs I found inside the factories and used them in my project. I created diptychs with the photographs I made, coupled with the scanned photographs found inside the buildings.