Antonio Amendola

Rome, Italy. January – June 2009

The mounted Corazzieri, the honor guard for the President of the Italian Republic, are an elite military unit of the Italian Carabinieri. The unit’s history dates to the 14th century, and they have been tasked with guarding the head of state – whether a king or president – since 1854. That history and special role are marked by their unique uniforms and their stature – members of the unit must be taller than 6’2”.

Their headquarters in downtown Rome is self-sufficient. Everything is still done there as in times past: from the blacksmith to the veterinarian, from the tailor to the stable boys.

A strong sense of tradition meets state-of-the-art technology and training. From daily horse training in the Roman parks to martial arts, from attending to the health of the horses to highly skilled craftsmanship of their traditional body armor.